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ISKCON News: Hanuman’s Quest CD Wins International Award [Article]
Posted on Mar 25, 2017

Sankirtana Dasa, long time resident of New Vrindaban community, recently won a Storytelling World Resource Award for his dramatic storytelling CD Hanuman’s Quest. He is also a recipient of  a WV Artist Fellowship Award,  a National Endowment of the Arts Grant,  an Ohio River Border Initiative Grant, and a Next Generation Indie Book Award for his Mahabharata: The Eternal Quest.   Read More

ISKCON News: South African Temples Collaborate For Big ISKCON 50 [Article]
Posted on Mar 25, 2017

With ISKCON’s 50th anniversary year nearly halfway gone, and the date of its incorporation on July 13th, 1966 in New York fast approaching, temples throughout the society are working hard to make a splash for founder Srila Prabhupada. In South Africa, all the country’s thirteen temples are working together to achieve big things, with a steering committee driving efforts nationally, and ISKCON 50 ambassadors in each temple pumping everyone up locally. Read More

ISKCON News: ISKCON Hosts 2nd European Yoga Congress [Article]
Posted on Mar 25, 2017

ISKCON of Radhadesh, Belgium hosted the 2nd European Yoga Congress from May 27th to 29th, sharing insights and techniques with thirteen different yoga schools from twelve countries. The seeds of the event were sewn in November 2014, when many different yoga organizations met at Yoga Vidya in Germany, Europe’s largest yoga ashram, to explore commonalities and possibilities for cooperation. Read More

ISKCON News: New Bhagavad-gita Exhibit Opens at MOSA Belgium [Article]
Posted on Mar 25, 2017

A brand new exhibit of artwork from Kim Waters and Chris Murray’s classic 1980 book, Illuminations from the Bhagavad-gita, opened at the Museum of Sacred Art (MOSA) in Radhadesh, Belgium on May 28th. The exhibit features all Kim’s original illustrations from the book, which is illuminated with translated verses from Srila Prabhupada’s Bhagavad-gita As It Is. Read More

ISKCON News: A Statement on Child Protection within ISKCON [Article]
Posted on Mar 25, 2017

The one-hour film “Cost of Silence,” that was released on Nrisimha Caturdasi, raises serious questions for the ISKCON society and its leadership in regards to child abuse and child protection, as well as the authority and effectiveness of the ISKCON Child Protection Office. These are important questions and deserve thoughtful reflection and an energetic response. Read More

ISKCON News: ISKCON Delhi Was Target of Failed 2015 Terrorist Plot [Article]
Posted on Mar 25, 2017

 In the winter of 2015, when Indian agencies were busy tracking down alQaida modules, two Jaish-eMuhammed terrorists had quietly sneaked into the capital. Intelligence sources said the duo rented a room in Lajpat Nagar, assembled six improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and recced at least four places for a strike, including the Taj Mahal and two city spots -Iskcon temple and the Select Citywalk mall in Saket.  Read More

ISKCON News: Ireland’s ISKCON 50/30 Sri Sri Radha Govinda’s Installation Event Celebrations [Article]
Posted on Mar 25, 2017

The temple building, an old manor house, once witnessed top business families, associates of Lords and Ladies and even the famous Winston Churchill, all of whom used the scenic area of Upper Lough Erne in the border Lakelands of Ireland for hunting. Now it was claimed as a religious settlement and home for Krishna and His devotees. The year was 1986, Ireland was still in the midst of a guerrilla warfare conflict. Read More

ISKCON News: ISKCON 50 Fundraiser Held to Save 26 2nd Avenue [Article]
Posted on Mar 25, 2017

For years, devotees have been struggling to hold on to 26 2nd Avenue, the small storefront in New York City where ISKCON was born. And a steep rent increase this year threatened to take it away from them, just as they were celebrating ISKCON’s 50th anniversary. But on Sunday June 5th, supporters banded together for a special ISKCON 50 fundraiser, and the historic storefront is safe – for now. Read More

ISKCON News: Sydney Opera House ISKCON 50 Event Sells Out in Three Days [Article]
Posted on Mar 25, 2017

Back in January 1967, Mukunda Goswami was instrumental in putting on The Mantra Rock Dance in San Francisco, a key counter-cultural event of its time that put Srila Prabhupada and his disciples on the map. Now, nearly fifty years later, he has been a driving force in organizing the hugely ambitious Transcendental Journey, a spectacular show at Australian landmark the Sydney Opera House in celebration of ISKCON’s 50th anniversary. Read More

ISKCON News: The Journey Within: Exploring the Path of Bhakti by Radhanath Swami [Article]
Posted on Mar 25, 2017

Radhanath Swami draws from his personal experiences to demystify the ancient devotional path of bhakti, capturing its essence and explaining its simple principles for balancing our lives. His down-to-earth writing simplifies spiritual concepts and answers timeless questions in a heartfelt narrative that brings this sacred philosophy to life. What is love? What is the soul? Who is God? How can we live in the physical world without losing touch with the spiritual? Read More

ISKCON News: Salted Bread: The Book about ISKCONs Early Days in the USSR Is Back [Article]
Posted on Mar 25, 2017

The book is an account of painful experiences of the first attempt to spread Krishna consciousness in the USSR, which was Srila Prabhupada’s desire; stories of devotees’ trials in jails and psychiatric hospitals, their encounters with the KGB, but the author Sarvabhavana Das doesn’t lack in humor when he recalls, as he puts it,  “his painful but blissful past”. Read More

ISKCON News: 2016 ISKCON GBC Resolutions [Article]
Posted on Mar 25, 2017

ISKCONs Governing Body Commission (GBC) held its annual general meetings in Mayapur between February 22 and March 5th, 2016. Among many other topics they have discussed the new zonal configuration of Northern America, including the administrative responsibilities of the zonal supervisors, as well as topics concerning ISKCONs 50th Anniversary celebrations. Read More

ISKCON News: UK Prime Minister David Cameron Celebrates ISKCONs 50th Anniversary [Article]
Posted on Mar 25, 2017

Bhaktivedanta Manor marked the start of a new chapter in its history on Friday 10th June, as the groundbreaking ceremony for the long awaited Haveli building was led by UK Prime Minister David Cameron. The ceremony formed part of the Manor’s offerings to celebrate the 50th anniversary of ISKCON, upon which Mr Cameron heartily congratulated ISKCON on by praising Srila Prabhupada on his creation of a "global mission". Read More

ISKCON News: ISKCON 50 Meditations: June 14, 2016 [Article]
Posted on Mar 25, 2017

Prabhupada Talks of His ChildhoodPrabhupada Talks of His Childhood He talked of his childhood at the turn of the century, when street lamps were gas-lit, and carriages and horse-drawn trams were the only vehicles on Calcutta’s dusty streets.  These talks charmed the boys even more than the transcendental philosophy ... Read More

ISKCON News: ISKCON Gears Up For Incorporation Day [Article]
Posted on Mar 25, 2017

After years of planning for its 50th anniversary, and nearly six months of celebrations this year so far, ISKCON is now gearing up for its Golden Jubilee Incorporation Day on July 13th, 1966. And temples, centers, and individual devotees all over the world are getting ready to do something big for founder Srila Prabhupada, whom many feel they owe their lives to. Read More

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