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'Why BJP Formed Govt in J&K -> Kashmiri Pandits celebrate Ram Navmi, t

'Why BJP Formed Govt in J&K -> Kashmiri Pandits celebrate Ram Navmi, t
'Why BJP Formed Govt in J&K -> Kashmiri Pandits celebrate Ram Navmi, take out procession from Habbakadal peacefully Ram Navmi was celebrated today with religious fervor and enthusiasm at Ram Ji Mandir, Barbar Shah in Srinagar City and devotees carried out a Janki procession from Kathleshwar Mandir Habbakadal that passed through city centre Lal Chowk. Scores of devotees thronged the Mandir, where they recited Bhajans and prayed for peace and prosperity, spokesman said. The devotees also took a Janvi procession from Kathleshwar Mandir Zaindar Mohalla Habba Kadal in which scores of devotees participated. Dancing and chanting sermons, the devotees marched towards Lal Chowk and the procession culminated at Hanuman Mandir Hari Singh High Street here. A large contingent of police were also escorted the procession. Giving details about the celebrations a Kashmiri Pandit preacher said, “Ram Navami is a celebration of nine days, which starts from 1st Navratra.” “We proudly say that the Kashmiri Pandits who stayed in the Valley in 1990 celebrate religious festivals with majority community. We feel separations of our brothers, who are still away from us,” he said adding that they were overjoyed to see the affection and positive responsive of Kashmiri Muslims during their march towards City Centre Lal Chowk.'
Published 3 years ago


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