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'5th day of Navratri: Dedicated to Goddess SkandaMata. The Goddess Sk

'5th day of Navratri: Dedicated to Goddess SkandaMata.
The Goddess Sk
'5th day of Navratri: Dedicated to Goddess SkandaMata. The Goddess SkandaMata should be worshipped with the chant of following Mantra: Skanda mata Mantra सिंहासना गता नित्यं पद्माश्रि तकरद्वया | शुभदास्तु सदा देवी स्कन्दमाता यशस्विनी || English : Sinhasan Gata Nitayam Padmashrit Kardvaya | Shubhdastu Sada Devi Skanda Mata Yashashvini The fifth manifestation of the goddess Durga worshipped on Navratri panchmi is ‘Skanda Mata’, the mother of Skanda Kumar or Lord Kartikeya Lord Kartikeya was chosen by devtas as their commander in chief in the war against the demons. She usually holds Lord Skanda in his infant form and a lotus in her right hand which is slightly raised upwards. She has four arms, three eyes and a bright complexion, depicted seated on a lotus flower in her idol and therefore is called as Padamasani. The left arm of the goddess is in a pose to grant boons with grace to her devotees. Skandmata is the daughter of Himalaya and is also worshipped in the form of Parvati, Maheshwari or Mata Gauri. Legend says that once a great demon Tarkasur did extreme penance. He pleased Brahmaji with his devotion. When Lord Bhrama appeared – he asked for a boon to become immortal. Brahmaji told him that no one can escape death as it is already destined for everyone who takes birth on this earth. Tarkasur, being clever, thought Lord Shiva will never get married and asked for the death by the son of Lord Shiva. The boon was granted. Considering himself to be invincible, he started tormenting the people on the earth. All the devtas went before Lord Shiva and requested him to get married. Shiva agreed to get married to Goddess Parvati. Parvati then gave birth to Lord Kartikeya or Skand Kumar after marriage who demolished Tarkasur. Skandmata laid the foundation of mother son relationship. The devotees get immense love and affection from the goddess who devotes her in this manifestation.'
Published 3 years ago


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