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Tumko Ambe Karte Naman

Video Description:
Jyoti wrote some lyrics and sang in Navratray Pooja in Temple..I love to sing bhajans and in Navratray always sing few maa bhajans..Jai Mata Di.I had excellent musicians with me to play.With me Archana sang too..
tumko ambe karte naman Lyrics
Tumko Ambe Karte Naman
Charano Mein Tere Laga Hai Mann
Dwar Tere Aaye Hai,Chah Mann Mein Laye Hai
Li Hai Humne Teri Sharan,Darshan De Do Tarse Nayan

Yaad Teri Karke Maa,Dyan Tera Dhar Ke Maa
Mahima Teri Karke Shravan,milta Hai Mann Ko,Jaise Chaman
Tumko Ambe Karte Naman,Charno Mein Tere Laga Hai Mann

Karte Barambar Maa,Teri Jay Jaykar Maa
Lekar Shabdon Ke Do Suman,Dati Mandal, Karta Tujhko Naman
Tumko Ambe Karte Naman,Charno Mein Tere Laga hai Mann

Published on Apr 15,2013

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anuradha paudawal best song


Tumko Ambe Karte Naman

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Poet by hobby,
Blogger by Passion
Birth Place: Munger, Bihar
Residence: Mumbai, Maharashtra
Prof exp: 8 years

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