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Proof of Lord krishna existence-1
Posted By Sarin on Apr 12, 2012     RSS Feeds     Latest Hinduism news

Situated on the West Coast of Gujarat, ancient city of Dwaraka has a very important place in the religious and cultural history of India. Tourists from diffrent corners of this world has been attracted to the magnificient architecture of this excavated Dwaraka temple. This town was built by demigod vishwakarma under the order of Lord Krishna. This town was bulit by requesting 12 yojans of land from the diety of sea. During the reign of lord krishna, Dwaraka is said to be very beautiful with charming ponds, enchanting gardens, deep moats and architectural palaces (Vishnu Purana). This city is believed to have submerged by the great tsunami which occured just after Lord Krishna disappeared from this city post the great war between the yadavas clan. Because of its associaion to epic Mahabharata reflecting the glorious past of india, Dwaraka still attracts not only historians and archeologists but also scientists and religious philosphers.  
After killing the demon Kansa (Krishna maternal uncle), Ugrasena (krishna maternal grandfather) was made the king of Mathura by lord krishna. Powerful king of magadha, Jarasandha (kamsa father-in law) made a truce with arab king Kalayavan to attacked Mathura. King jarasandha attacked mathura 17 times and was defeated evertime. Seeing the massive death of his clan, Lord Krishna suggested to move to dwaraka for the safety of his people.

Lord krishna travelling from dwarka to mathura along with his citizens.

Sri Krishna called vishwakarma(deity of construction) to build their beautiful city at the western coast of Saurashtra after which krishna along with their yadavas clan will move their kingdom from mathura to dwaraka. Visvakarma asked lord krishna to request 12 yojanas of land from Samundra dev(Diety of sea) to built a magnificient city. Sri Krishna did as vishwakarma suggested post which Visvakarma constructed city of Dwaraka embedded with gold, diamonds, rubies and precious metals.
Anyone looking for spiritual enlightenment or looking for devotional service is recommended to stay in any one of following three cities: Vrindavana, Mathura or Dwaraka. It is said, devotional service done at this three places gets magnified nd those who follows all the religious principles mentioned in ancient scriptures surely achieve the blessing and liberation from lord krishna.

Present Dwaraka temple
Submergence of Dwaraka When lord krishan left dwaraka and the major yadavas warriors were killed in internal fights(Due to gandhari curse), Dwaraka was submerged under the great tsunami. Before leaving, lord Krishna himself stated that ; No one will be able to save you or this city after my leave.’ Same is also repeated by arjun in the Mahabharat as : "The sea waves, hitting the shores till now, suddenly overtook his natural boundary. Sea water rushed into the beautiful city streets covering up the entire city within seconds. Within few moments, all the magnificient palaces submerged in the sea waves. No trace was left for this beautiful city and Dwaraka became just a name; just a memory." The Historical DwarakaDue to several literary references, City of Dwaraka has been the major research topic of historians since the inception of 20th century. Literary texts like Mahabharata and harivamsa have been digged to derive the precise location of dwaraka. According to texts, City of dwaraka extended from Pindata in the east to Okhamadhi in the south with Sankhoddhara city in the north. 40 meter hill found near Sankhoddhara on the eastern side may be taken as Raivataka.  Discovery of Dwaraka Evidences recovered from excavation of dwaraka add further credibility to lord krishna and kurukshetra war, and pre-harrappan advanced civilised societies that lived in these areas. Dwarkadish Temple situated near the western coast of gujarat influenced the research by ASI(Archaeological Survey of India) under the co-ordination of NIO (National Institute of Oceanography) and MAU (Marine Archaeology Unit). Great marine archaeologist, Dr. Rao guided a team consisting of archaeologists, trained diver-photographers and expert underwater explorers. Modern scientific technique of geophysical survey was used along with underwater metal detectors, mud-penetrators, echo-sounders and sub-bottom profilers. Articles and antiquities recovered by the team in their excavation between 1983 to 1992 was sent to Research Laboratory for dating. By using carbon dating, thermo-luminescence and similar modern techniques, this artifacts were said to be of 15th century B.C. In his article "Lost City of Dwaraka", Dr. Rao has described all details of his underwater marine research with evidences and various recovered artifacts. One such detail is on discovery of well fortified town Dwaraka, covering an area of half mile from the sea shore. Township was constructed with six sectors along the river bank. Dwaraka City's walls erected on huge boulders is the proof that the city was built after reclaiming the land from the sea. General layout of dwaraka specified in ancient texts matches exactly with the submerged city researched by the MAU.   Evidences found from excavated city near gujarat coast. According to the revealed artifacts,researchers have described Dwaraka as an ancient prosperous kingdom, destroyed and rebuilt numerous times. Because of the hardwork of great excavators like M.S. Mate and Z.D. Ansari, many temples of 9th A.D. to 1st A.D. were found buried deep inside the sea. Conclusions derived from these marine archaeological explorations validates the dates of mahabharata and its events as mentioned in the ancient texts. Research has also proved Dwaraka as a prosperous port town, existed for barely 60-70 years(1500 B.C) before being submerged under the sea in 1443 B.C. (Although science dates Dwaraka to 1443 B.C, ancient Vedic sages and present religous leaders states that lord krishna disappeared just before the advent of kaliYuga (3102 B.C). So, Therfore, Dwaraka is altleast 5,000 years old. "The discovery of legendary city dwaraka is an significant achievement in defining the history of India. Atleast historians now don't deny on the historicity of Mahabharata and thus, this discovery has greatly established india as an civilised country since the vedic age."   Rao said that if government allocate a fraction of funds for marine archealogy instead of land arhealogy, more Proof can be digged out light and historically, it has more significance because it describes the second level of urbanization straight after the Indus Valley civilization. However, this discovery also mock the Western archaeologists claims of no civilization in the indian subcontinent between Indus Valley civiization (1500 B.C) and advent of Buddhism (550 B.C.). As no which is often called as the Dark Period. One of the artifacts that validates the dwaraka's involvement with epic Mahabharata, is a seal stamped with three headed animal. In mahabharata, there is a description of such a seal given to citizens of Dwaraka as their identity to protect the city from king Jarasandha of Magadha kingdom (now Bihar). Also Pottery carbon dated to 3000 B.C has triangular three-holed anchors & iron stakes all of which has been mentioned in Mahabharata. All these archeological evidence blast all the claims of non-historicity of the Mahabharata. There is no doubt that lord krishna existed." S.R. Rao.   Dwaraka inundated by tsunami? Did tsunami submerged the ancient town of Dwaraka? Experts and marine excavators associated with dwaraka discovery don't deny this possibility. Mahabharat talk about the sea completely submerging dwaraka after lord krishna disappearance and arjuna carrying Krishna's grandsons to his kingdom Hastinapur. The Bhagavata Purana also describes about this calamity has a symbol of death of yadavas clan. The Yadavas should immediately leave this city.' But all texts including Matsya Purana,Bhagavat gita and Harivamsa describes that Dwaraka was vacated in seven days before being submerged by the sea. This describes the gradual movement of the sea towards dwaraka, hence a poosible tsunami is doubted. Srimad-Bhagavatam further states that before disapearing, lord Krishna sent a message to his citizens to leave dwaraka because there will be no one to save him once he is gone.   Dwaraka destroyed by tsunami According to another story when lord krishna left dwaraka, third and final ice age(Treta yuga) has ended and hence something like tsunami was bound to happen.  

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